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Welcome to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where cities and communities like Ocean Springs, d'Iberville, Biloxi and Gulfport are setting new standards in great living! Considered the "Playground of the South" these communities mix a fine blend of white sand beaches, stunning natural fauna and warm temperatures with fantastic cultural amenities and exciting residential opportunities to create a lifestyle like no other.

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Six things to consider when buying living room sofas

Six things to consider when buying living room sofas Six things to consider when buying living room sofas

Take a seat. Here are six things to consider when buying living room on which you undoubtedly spend a good chunk of time snoozing, socializing, snacking and watching TV.

 Set a Budget

Decorating can easily blow your budget if you’re not careful. Before you even begin shopping, decide exactly how much money you want to spend on a new sofa. This will really help to keep your search under control and save you tons of time.

Be Honest How you Live

If you’re the type who spends a lot of time lounging around your living room, you’ll want a sofa that’s deep and comfortable. If you have kids or pets, consider a durable fabric. Not really a couch potato? Go ahead and spring for that less-comfy, modern sofa. Have overnight guests often? Try a sleeper.

Pay Attention to Proportions

Consider the size of the room and the other pieces of furniture that your sofa will share space with. The last thing you want is to overcrowd a room or find out that the sofa you chose fails to maximize the space you’re working with. Before you purchase the sofa, make sure its dimensions work with your room.

Think About Fabrics

Along with selecting a sofa that coincides with your color scheme, choose a design upholstered in a fabric that suits your lifestyle. For those with small children or pets, leather or a washable slipcover is ideal. You want a material that is durable and still holds it shape after food spills and everyday wear and tear. Neutral-colored sofas are safe bets and can be spruced up with throw pillows in vivid patterns for a fun look. If you’re more on the adventurous side, you can go for a bold color and balance out the look with a rather neutral room.

Dig for Treasures

Sometimes treasure can be found in the most unexpected places. Instead of going to the same mass retailer you always count on for furniture, try shopping in new places. From online vendors to your local antique fair, unique sofas are everywhere. Look through magazines to find the companies who make designs you love.

Don’t Rush It

Don’t rush through the process of shopping for a sofa. Finding one that suits both your style and budget can take a bit of time. The good thing is, it’s worth the effort since you’ll likely have your sofa for at least a few years. It’s not impossible to find the perfect sofa that suits your taste and fits into your budget. If you give yourself plenty of time to search and pick the right design for the way you live, you’ll find a sofa worth treasuring for years to come

The Al & Dee Real Estate Group can be reached at 228.374.0002 or via email at marketing@alndee.com. They are located at 10311 Boney Avenue, Suite B, D’iberville, MS 39540. To see the latest real estate listings and properties soon to be listed, visit our web site at www.alndee.com. Questions about this article, contact Al Allegue at al@alndee.com. Thinking about selling your home? Contact Dee at dee@alndee.com or directly at 228.374.0002.



Al & Dee urge homeowners to take advantage of cheap money

Take advantage of cheap money

Take advantage of cheap money

Mississippi real estate experts Al & Dee share 3 crucial rules on how homeowners could save thousand of dollars and pay off their mortgage faster – just by taking advantage of today’s “ridiculously low interest rate” and cheap money.

  1. “Not shopping the market…is like giving money away”

Did you know 77% of borrowers only apply with a single lender or broker? Big mistake. If you don’t shop around, you won’t know if you’re getting the best rate — and you won’t know if you qualify for a brilliant government program called the Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP).

Even though 3.38 million mortgages have been refinanced through HARP, hundreds of thousands of homeowners are still eligible for this free government program, which could help you save as much as $3,500 in the first year alone.4

URGENT: HARP is set to expire this year, and sadly, many still perceive this program to be too good to be true. Remember, there is NO cost to see if you qualify for this amazing government program. See if you qualify here.

  1. “If you don’t take advantage of the market now, when will you?”

Even though The Fed raised rates in late 2015, rates are just as low if not lower than they were one year ago. What does this mean for people like you? According to Corcoran, it means that now is the time for homeowners to “take advantage of today’s cheap money.”

  1. “The sooner is always the better”

These rates are still at near historic lows for now, but no one knows when the rates will rise – or by how much. So while it’s estimated that millions of homeowners can still save by refinancing, they should act fast. HARP is due to expire this year, so you can’t afford to wait. If you want to get the “ridiculous low interest rate” that Al & Dee talks about, you have to act now.

How to Get Started

To cut through the clutter, Al & Dee suggests that a great place to start is online, at The Easy Loan Site.

Their network of lenders is one of the largest in the nation and includes many HARP lenders. Plus, it enables you to save time and money by letting you compare multiple lenders at once. It’s a risk-free way to find out how much you could save.


Americans are stressed over their finances

Financial Stress in the US

Financial Stress in the US


Americans are stressed over their finances. In fact, the current financial stress rates in the U.S. are among the highest they have ever been over the last five years, according to consulting firm PwC’s 2016 Employee Financial Wellness Survey. In Mississippi for example, the majority of people surveyed did not realize how simple it is to set aside money for emergencies. Many of them prefer to use their credit card to fund emergencies creating additional debt.

To find out exactly what is causing so much financial stress among many Americans, GOBankingRates.com surveyed more than 7,000 people in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and asked them: “Of the following, what is your No. 1 cause of financial stress?”

The survey respondents had seven options to choose from:

  • Paying off my debt (i.e. credit cards)
  • Not being able to retire
  • Not having enough money to fund an emergency
  • Wanting a nicer lifestyle
  • Paying for education
  • Lack of stable income
  • Paying my mortgage or rent

Among all states and DC, the most common answer respondents gave was “paying off my debt,” followed by “not being able to retire” and “not having enough money to fund an emergency.” The least popular answer was “paying my mortgage or rent.”

Regardless of the cause of financial stress, it’s important to address it rather than ignore it, said Al Allegue, CEO and Co-Founder of The Al & Dee Real Estate Group.

“Create a strategy, or hire a professional to create one for you that will have actionable steps,” he said. Following the teachings of financial advisor and Fox News contributor Dave Ramsey, families can get completely out of debt in very little time.

Click through to see what the most common causes of financial stress are in your state.

Household Magic For Everyday Use


Here are a few tricks we’ve found that can help if in need of natural solutions. Our Household Magic for Everyday Use are twelve money-saving, time-saving and surprising new tricks using everyday products. The Al & Dee Real Estate Group.

Using liquid drain cleaners eat away at the pipes

Instead toss 3 Alka-Seltzer tables down the drain and add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar. Wait 3 minutes, then run the hot water.

Removing Red Wine Stains

Blot off the red wine with a paper towel, then neutralize it with some table salt or baking soda into the stain, and dab it off with club soda.

Removing Candle Wax

Put ice in a plastic bag and place the bag on top of the wax. Keep it there until the wax is frozen. Then brake off the frozen wax.

Cleaning Stainless Steel

Gently rub any marked-up stainless steel fixture and appliances with a used fabric-softener sheet from your laundry.

Removing Hairspray

Give your mirror the once-over with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Alcohol will evaporate on its own.

Cleaning a Drip Coffee Maker

Once a month fill the water reservoir with equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water, and run it though the brew cycle. Then, using just plain water, rinse it out with another cycle.

Cleaning a Microwave Oven

In a microwave-safe glass bowl, squeeze in the juice of 1 lemon and add 1 cup of water. Place it in the middle of the microwave, and zap it on high for 1 minute. Let the bowl stay in the oven, with the door closed, for about 10 minutes. Then wipe away the junk.

Cleaning a Refrigerator

Use baking soda on a damp sponge or cloth.
Cleaning a Garbage Disposal. Every other month pour 1 cup of, what else, baking soda from the refrigerator when you are ready to replace it.

Detergent Substitute

In an emergency, when you must do the wash and you don’t have any laundry detergent, use shampoo… that is, if you have shampoo. About 1/3 cup will do a full load.

Bleach Substitute

Instead of using harsh bleach, try ½ cup of lemon juice… or 1 cup of distilled white vinegar… or 6 ounces of hydrogen peroxide (3%) in your wash.

Pain Easing Solution

If our hands feel achy, combined 3 cups of hot water, 3 tablespoons of witch hazel and ½ cup of Epsom salt. Dip your hands in the solution for about 5 minutes. This allows the magnesium sulfate to penetrate and ease the pain in your joints.

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Modeling Photos Sells Ocean Springs Home


Modeling Photos Sell Ocean Springs Home. It’s amazing what would sell a home, and knowing what to do is what Al & Dee are great in doing. In this case an owner’s modeling photo sells her affluent Ocean Springs home.

Al & Dee Allegue are the founder of The Al & Dee Real Estate Group at Pinnacle Real Estate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

This was a $400,000 Mediterranean-style house in Ocean Springs. The owner contacted me and ask me to sell her home even though in had been on the market for over two years with four different real estate agent. She was a very sweet woman in her 60s, very pretty, but a little overdressed and overly made up.

Al & Dee walked into the house and they saw this picture of her. It was a professional modeling head shot— the owner mentioned she had modeled when she was younger—where she looked to be in her late 20s. It was a really nice picture and she looked beautiful in it, with  beautiful hair and green eyes.

Then, as they walked through the house, the owner mentioned that when the house was on the market before, all the agents wanted her to take her photos down while on the market for sale to “depersonalize” the home. As they continue to walk thorough the house, they realized that this same picture was all over. There were huge blow ups of it on the walls, and framed versions of it in the bathroom, the living room, everywhere. There were maybe 40 copies of the exact same picture around the house. It was so creepy.

“We didn’t address it then, but when we went to stage the property and shoot photos, we had to deal with it.”, said Al. 

“Oh my God, you’re so beautiful,” Dee said. “And I do want people to know who you are, so we need to keep these pictures up.” They left about 35 versions of the picture. Besides, if a mix of generic pictures didn’t sell the house before, then why not keep the pictures! 

She was happy to hear our comments, and much happier when Al & Dee sold her home in 21 days. She was super sweet. She just said, “Oh yeah. I just love that picture.”

—Edited from interviews with Katy McLaughlin

To see Al & Dee’s newest listed homes go to www.alndee.com




13 Spooky Signs Your House is Haunted

13 Spooky Signs Your House is Haunted

Your home or apartment is usually your safe haven and your most comfortable space, but you can’t help but notice strange occurrences lately. The lights are flickering mysteriously, your cat or dog is intently staring at what appears to be nothing, and even some of your belongings are starting to disappear without explanation. This could all just be a series of odd coincidences, or maybe they might mean a little something more. We all have our own beliefs when it comes to the authenticity of things that “bump in the night”, but we have gathered 13 Spooky Signs Your House is Haunted of some possible paranormal activity.

#1. Unexplained Noises
If you are alone, yet you are hearing footsteps, creaky floors, or even a startling ‘thud’ in the night, it may be cause for concern. Do you hear spooky sounds.

#2. Lights Flickering On and Off
You are positive you turned your bathroom light off before leaving the house, yet it is shining bright when you return. This could be due to a bad memory, or some ghostly activity could be at play in your haunted house.

#3. Strange Animal Behavior
Dogs and cats are said to have unique connections to the “other” world. Stranger Dimensions suggests that a cat staring at invisible objects or a dog barking into space could mean they see something that you do not. When this happens, ask Sparky to show you where “it” is. Good luck!

#4. Items Disappearing or Being Moved
When you find yourself turning over the house to find a book, a favorite necklace, or even your glasses, you may want to think twice. Did you really misplace your items, or did something/someone else? And did you find them later in a different place? This maybe a sign someone or something is playing games with you.

#5. Areas of Extreme Temperature
Stepping into a random area of your home that is extremely hot or cold, without any kind of discernible explanation, is another major red flag. Some say spirits draw energy from the environment and thus you have the cold spots. Have your HVAC unit check for spooky cold and hot areas.

#6. Questionable House History
It may not hurt to delve into the history of your home or apartment. If any kind of shady activity took place there many years ago, the aftermath of that may still haunt the physical space.

#7. Doors Opening and Closing
Hearing, or worse – seeing, your doors open and close on their own is another sign of the supernatural. However, The Occult Blogger cautions to not confuse this with a simple breeze moving through, as this sign in particular can be easily misinterpreted.

#8. Random Smells
Noticing a foreign smell similar to a perfume or cologne is a revealing sign to watch for in your home.

#9. Feeling an Unknown Presence
Do you often experience an odd sensation that you aren’t completely alone? This could be your mind playing tricks on you, or there could be a ghostly presence nearby.

#10. Hearing Subtle Voices
The moment when you realize the TV was not left on in the other room like you originally thought.

#11. Witnessing Apparitions
There is also the possibility of witnessing eerie apparitions. While this can prove to be a creepy experience, Forever Conscious says that blue orbs can mean spirits, but white orbs can mean angels!

#12. Startling Nightmares
Telepathic activity can even affect your sleep, filling your usual lovely night’s rest with unpleasant dreams. Or perhaps your spouse was just starring at you while you slept.

#13. Levitating Objects
While the chances of your cereal bowl or coffee mug levitating off the table are small, it is still a plausible situation for haunted homes. It’s said that spirit can levitate small items such as pencils and coins.

Do you have a problem with your haunted house? Call The Al & Dee Real Estate Group at Pinnacle Real Estate. They can help you sell it, and find you another. Go to www.alndee.com
















Elegant Lakefront Home – Shadow Creek, Biloxi


IMG_6810-HDR - Copy

Elegant Lakefront Home – Shadow Creek, Biloxi set along the northern shore of Shadow Creek Lake, is this exceptional four-bedroom offering unrivaled breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. The impressive foyer reveals the generous living and family room showcasing spectacular water view and access to private lake. Unsurpassed features included over <2,500GSF, luxurious appointments, high ceilings, gourmet kitchen, custom built-ins, hardwood and ceramic floors, and an open floor plan perfect to entertainment and family living. This private estate is designed to delight all your senses – breath in the inspirational views or relax in your own spacious Master Bedroom Suite with sitting area and French Doors. A spectacular estate for those discerning few who simply require the best.

Amenities include Cathedral-style ceilings for spacious feeling supported by oversized windows with expansive views to private lake. A grand Formal Dining Room open to a wide and spacious living and family room designed to captivate optimal space.

Other amenities include:

  • Gourmet kitchen
  • Breakfast area overlooking garden and lake
  • Chicago-style brick and ceramic floors
  • Unsurpassed features include open living room with showcase columns
  • Architectural detailing such as Crown Molding
  • Enjoy the outdoors with large patio pad for entertainment and family living with outstanding views of the lake
  • Luxurious Owner’s Suite with elegant private bath
  • Split bedroom plan for maximum privacy
  • Extremely large yard with space for RV and boat storage

If you are military active duty, retired, Reserves or National Guard, this home can be purchase with zero money down and a fix 30-year interest rate of 3.5%.

This magnificent home has 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 2,100 sf of heated and cooling space on more than 1/4 acre lot. Offered at $198,975 | The Al & Dee Real Estate Group, 228.374.0002 | For more photos and a Virtual Tour visit us at www.alndee.com














The Benefits of a Home Warranty

hands holding a houseThe benefits of a home warranty can be surprising. How many of us have a received one of those pesky phone calls, just to hear someone on the other line trying to sell you something while you are right in the middle of eating dinner? I am sure that we all have at some point. The fact is, having a home warranty in place when something in your house stops working can save you hundreds of dollars! Maybe even thousands, sounds amazing right?

Whether you are buying a home, selling a home or already have a home, you really can’t go wrong in investing in a home warranty. A home warranty is an excellent investment, and it is the best defense against the unexpected service repair costs of a residential home’s major mechanical systems and appliances. A home warranty service helps save money and protect your budget when things around the house need a repair. Having this in place, enable you to pay only a standard deductible per service call, per trade, on covered components rather than paying more money towards repairs. The home warranty ensures that covered items will be fixed or replaced.

So how does a home warranty work, you ask? Well basically, after you have purchased a home warranty, when something in your home stops working or needs replaced or repairs, you call your home warranty provider who then is responsible for getting in touch with a licensed professional to do the repairs. The professional will then call you to set up an appointment to come to your home to determine your repair or replacement needs. Getting a home warranty on your home is easy! But, make sure that you do your research and find the one that best suits your needs and that will cover all the things that you are looking for to be covered. Some home warranty programs can be as low as $400.00 for the year with a $70.00 service fee. That may seem like a lot, but what happens if you have 3 major repairs happen back to back? Well, then you would be glad that you chose to get a home warranty!

Protect your budget and your home, and do some research on home warranty programs that will suit your needs.

Ways to Save on Your Utilities


Wouldn’t it be amazing if our utility bills were included in our monthly rent. We would be able to keep the house as cool as we wanted to during the hot summer months, take long hot showers without worrying, it wouldn’t matter what time of the day we did the laundry. Less stress, now that’s the dream! Most of us have to watch how we use our utilities, and make sure that we are not sending our money out the window or down the drain.  Who doesn’t like to save money on everyday expenses that we have to use? I think that we would all like to save money on these things. Here are 7 ways to save on your utilities.

  1. One of the easiest ways to save money and energy is by replacing lightbulbs with energy efficient bulbs. These bulbs use 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than the standard lightbulb. This saves the consumer not only on their electric bill, but also on replacement costs.
  2. Another way to say money on your electric bill is by adjusting your thermostat. A thermostat that can be programmed for the times of day that you are away from home can save you big time by being off when you are not home, but also by having the house cooled down or warmed up by the time you make it home. Adjusting your thermostat by even one degree can save you a decent chunk of change.
  3. Washing your laundry in cold water and hanging clothes out to dry can also save money. Also, make sure that you wash as much as you can in one load and try to avoid partial loads of laundry.
  4. Appliances, even when not turned on, use electricity. Make sure to unplug appliance’s that are not being used to save money. A lot of people are not aware that these appliances that are plugged in but not on are using power.
  5. Installing curtains or window coverings on windows with direct sunlight will help reduce the heat coming in through the window and reduce the amount of time the ac unit will have to be on to cool your house down.
  6. You can also save money on your water bill by installing low-flow fixtures around the house.  Replacing shower heads and faucets will help reduce the amount of water that is being used while also putting a little extra money in your pocket.
  7. Get the family involved in your efforts to reduce utility costs. Make sure that they are mindful of turning off lights when they leave a room, unplugging the things that are not being used and setting a timer for when they are in the shower. The more help in your efforts to save money, the more money that will stay in your wallet.
These are a few simple ways to help save money on your utilities, and you can also contact your local utility company and find out if they have any tips and tricks to save.

Luxury Living in Los Cabos, Mexico


Luxury Living in Los Cabos, Mexico. Welcome to Espiritu, Los Cabos’ most exclusive private residential, resort and beach club community. Located where the mountains meet the sea in Palmilla, Los Cabos, Espiritu presents an unsurpassed lifestyle of casual elegance and carefree vacation living, combining the very best design with the finest amenities, service and property management.

This is a distinctively new 75-acre enclave of magnificent residences, Espiritu is carved into the mountainside with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez. Espiritu is a Del Mar Development property in partnership with MSD Capital, L.P., the investment firm formed to exclusively manage the capital of Michael Dell and his family. Thoughtfully designed to be as unique as its surroundings, Espiritu features acres of parks, open spaces and walking paths that meander from the hillsides to two miles of pristine, white sand beach. The culmination of Del Mar Development’s 20 years of experience in Villas Del Mar, Espiritu offers innovative resort home designs featuring diverse floor plans, from 3-bedroom villas to sprawling 10,000 square foot custom estates, that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living.

These estates represent the first residential offering of their kind in the Del Mar communities — a limited collection of residences and penthouses featuring, a sophisticated yet casual contemporary design. Located in the heart of Espiritu, just a short stroll away from the Club Espiritu Health and Fitness Club and a golf cart ride away from the Club Ninety Six beach club.

For additional information and private showing of this unique luxury estate contact Al Allegue, CEO & Co-Founder of Pinnacle Real Estate. Flights from Gulfport International Airport are weekly and scheduled by appointment.  Serious interested parties must be pre-funded for showings.

This listing is in co-operation with The Agency Real Estate Company, and MSD Capital, L.P.

Contact information: 228.313.1240 or al@alndee.com. Visit our web site at www.alndee.com


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