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Six Things Smart Home Owners Do in February

Six Things Smart Home Owners Do in February

Six Things Smart Home Owners Do in February


6 Things Smart Home Owners Do in February

Conducting routine maintenance at home is sure to save you hundreds. We recommend 6 Things Smart Home Owners do in February.

1 Maintain the Water Heater

Your water heater is one of the most important parts of your home. It is the power behind hot showers, fresh laundry and clean dishes, so there would be some big issues if it were ever to break down. The average water heater lifespan is about 11 years, but without proper maintenance it might not make it that long. Here’s what you can do to keep it ticking for at least 11 years:

   – Check the temperature: Some manufacturers set the temperature to 140 degrees Fahrenheit by default, which is hotter than most households really need. A recommended setting for water heater maintenance is 120 F, which prevents tank damage and helps you save big on losses of standby and demand heat.

   – Drain the tank regularly: It is a good idea to flush out about one-quarter of the tank in your water heater. You can do this easily by turning off the cold water supply, hooking up a garden hose to the drain valve and then running the water until it looks clear. Draining will help clear away sediment and preserve the heating efficiency of the water heater.

   – Test the pressure relief valve: A working pressure relief valve should release a burst of hot water into the drainpipe after you raise and then lower the test lever.

2 Check your toilet

A leaky toilet that’s constantly running can waste as much as 200 gallons of water in a single day. That could rack up to more than 6,000 gallons a month, which can also result in an incredibly high water bill.

   – Check the water level: In order to determine if you have a leak, pour a couple of cups of coffee into the water tank. Come back in 30 minutes and check the toilet bowl. If the water color is not clear, you have a leak.

   – Check the flapper: The flapper mechanism inside the tank could be improperly sealed, causing the leak. Check around the edges of the flapper to make certain is not gummy to the touch and deteriorating.

3  Clean Range Hood Filter and Fan

A range hood, or the vent fan on an over the range microwave, needs to be cleaned regularly to remove any built-up grease. Clean with a citrus-based cleaner instead toxic or harsh chemicals that may fall into your food.

4 Check the charge on your fire extinguisher

They will have expiration dates, but since they are relatively low in cost, it is advisable to replace any questionable extinguishers in your home and garage.

5 Clean your pantry.

Take everything out, wipe down the shelves and check the expiration dates.  If you find something you no longer want or will not use before the expiration date, make sure to donate them to your local food bank or church.

6 Check the door seals on your refrigerator.

Close the door on a dollar bill and attempt to pull it out while the door is closed.  If the bill slides out easily, it is time to replace the seals.

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